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Calle Las Tercias 2
Simancas, Valladolid


Calle Las Tercias 2
Simancas, Valladolid

Tradition and passion
Restaurante Los Infantes de Simancas, calle Las Tercias, 2, Simancas
Calle de las Tercias

The beginning

The current location of the restaurant in calle las Tercias, in Simancas, is steeped in history. The house where the dining room is located occupied in the Middle Ages the old stables where the payments of the 'tercias reales', an ancient tribute paid to the Church, were made. The payments were made with cereal grains or cattle that were kept here.

We have been offering typical Castilian dishes in Simancas for almost 50 years. We started in the main square, with the illusion of offering a different and authentic gastronomic experience.

The aim was to offer traditional, homemade dishes, prepared with fresh, quality, local and organic ingredients, which could transport diners to the flavours and aromas of the cuisine of yesteryear.

With this philosophy and thanks to our passion and dedication, working day by day to improve the quality of our dishes and services, the popularity of the restaurant grew, and we moved to the premises where we are now, to accommodate more diners. It is also located in the historic centre of this beautiful town in the province of Valladolid.

our food specialities

Among the specialities of the house we can find stews, lamb, grilled meats, rabbit, chicken and lamb skewer, roast in the oven, Galician style ear, among other representative dishes of the gastronomy of the region.

We also offer 18 different types of wine, mostly from Ribera del Duero, and Denominations of Origin such as Toro, Rueda, Cigales or Rioja.

We offer a daily menu with three starters and three main courses to choose from, plus dessert and drink; we also have a weekend menu. We change the menu every day and we always use fresh produce, grilled meats, lots of salads, etc.

Especialidades del Restaurante Los Infantes de Simancas

Our commitment

We rely on suppliers who offer us fresh, sustainable and organic products.

Francisco Salamanqués, head chef


A holistic approach from farm to table
Ingredientes frescos de la huerta ecológica de Simancas
Ingredientes frescos de la huerta ecológica de Simancas

Fresh ingredients

From the organic vegetable garden of Simancas, fresh and natural produce.

Comida casera castellana del Restaurante Los Infantes de Simancas

Homemade food

Healthy dishes with a traditional Castilian flavour.

Carnes y pescados frescos en Restaurante Los Infantes de Simancas

We care about quality

Premium meat and fresh fish specialities

The salamanqués family

At the cooker is Francisco Salamanqués, the establishment's head chef. He started at the age of 14 as a cook in the kitchens of the Lourdes School where he learnt his trade.

For twenty years he and his wife Carmen ran a restaurant in the Plaza Mayor in Simancas. When the premises became too small, they moved to the current location in Calle de las Tercias. Carmen makes sure that the customers are happy.

Their son Saúl has joined the business alongside his parents, after training at the Instituto Diego de Praves and the Fernando Pérez International Cookery School in Valladolid.

Familia Salamanqués del Restaurante Los Infantes de Simancas

From left to right, Saúl, Francisco y Carmen

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Calle Las Tercias 2
47130 Simancas, Valladolid


+34 983 590 782

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10:00 – 23:00h
Lunes cerrado

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